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5 Top Tips to make a good first impression.

Posted by Jenny at Wee Print. on

5 Top Tips to make a good first impression.

Within the first 10 seconds, your potential client is building up a lasting opinion about you. It sounds harsh but it’s a fact that people often do judge a book by its cover, and you only get one shot to make a great first impression. Fortunately there are a few tricks you can pull off, such as diverting their attention from the fact that you forgot to iron your shirt by pushing a unique and beautifully designed business card under their nose.

1. Keep your business card straightforward

Make sure that your business card is readable. Stay away from card formats that have so much clutter that it makes it difficult to see where one piece of information starts and ends.

Use a readable so potential customers are not struggling to read your details.

A 12 pt is an ideal font size but never go below 6 pt type as this will make it difficult to read for those with vision problems. There is no need to fill the card with unnecessary information, simply be straight to the point.

By keeping your business card simple, you can clearly illustrate who you are, what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

2. Make sure the contact information in your business card is correct

A business card with inaccurate information is useless. Double and triple check EVERYTHING!

It is worth repeating that if you’re in between jobs, never give out your old business card. The information found there such as your job title and phone number may already be inaccurate. It doesn’t send the right impression to your potential customer.

Include several options on how people can reach you – as some people prefer using the phone. It is always a good idea to put social media details or simply their logo as well as phone number and email.

Never put stickers over old information and scrub it out with pen. It never looks good for your business.

Before clicking on your massive print order, do check over your design carefully. It’s always worth getting a second eye to look over your print to avoid a nightmare spelling mistake or rogue apostrophe ending up on all of your business cards!

3. Branding

Your business card must be a reflection of your company portraying the company’s branding and ethos. Your business card will often be the first piece of branded marketing material they see, Therefore it is very important that your business card gives your potential customer a sense of what you/your company are about.

4. Colour

As a rule of thumb we recommend using no more that 2-3 colours, maximum. This is because utilising any more colours will usually result in an over complicated, cluttered and confusing design. You must pick the 2-3 colours that represent your company’s branding.

5. Have business cards on you at all times!

It can be a very costly mistake to suddenly run out of business cards in the middle of an event.

A way to avoid this is to plan and prepare ahead. If you are going to a an event make sure you have plenty business cards with you. It is better to have too many than to run out.

Another helpful tip is to put a decent number of business cards in vital spots, for example, in your coat’s pockets. That way regardless of the possibility that you overlook the stack that you initially arranged for that occasion, you’re not totally out of business cards.

A great thing to invest in is a business card case, this helps keeps your cards in top condition. Not only will this make it easier to remember to bring one’s business cards but it just keeps them in good shape and maintains a professional image.

Don’t forget to also keep some business cards in your car so they can be ready to grab just in case.

Lastly, keep about 5 or so business cards inside your wallet, preferably in a small case. While these may look a little beat up compared to your usual pristine set, they are so much better than not having a business card to give out at all.

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