Supply Artwork

Here at Wee Print we want you to be happy with your print. We specialise in high quality lithographic and digital print with fast turnaround times. This can only be achieved with artwork that has been supplied correctly.

We can always correct artwork that doesn’t fit the guidelines, but this usually takes extra time, which could lead to deadlines being missed and you may incur further costs. We will do everything we can to make sure that this does not happen and if you are unclear on any of the guidelines please contact our Design Team on 01259 572097 or email for further information. We are always here to help!

Check list

  • Set up documents to correct size
  • Set up multiple page documents in running order
  • Colour – CMYK
  • Bleed – 3mm
  • Add crop marks
  • Safe area – 3mm
  • Resolution – 300dpi
  • Fonts – embedded

Artwork Formats

At Wee Print we accept many file formats, the following list is our preferred file types. If you’re unsure whether the type of file you are sending is acceptable, please contact our Design Team on 01259 572097 and they will be happy to advise you on how to save and send your artwork. Alternatively email your artwork directly to and we can check if there is any issues (which we always do with every order).

pdf.jpg PDF

This is our most preferred type of file. When saving your file please make sure you select “High Resolution” and the compression settings for colour and greyscale images should be down sampled to 300dpi with “auto compression” set to high. Font embedding should be set to “embed all fonts”.

indesign.jpg Indesign

Please select File, then Package from the drop down menu when saving the file. Once this file is saved, compress this folder using stuffit (Mac) or WinZip (Windows) before uploading or sending your order.

illustrator.jpg Illustrator

Please include all embedded images. Please “outline” all text before sending the file. This can be done by selecting the text box, and using the CMD + Shift + O function. Please save the file as a encapsulated post script (.eps) file.

photoshop.jpg Photoshop

Please include all embedded images. Please “outline” all text before sending the file. This can be done by selecting the text box, and using the CMD + Shift + O function. Please save the file as a encapsulated post script (.eps) file.

microsoft.jpg Microsoft

The following file types are not suitable formats for printing:

  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher
  • Works
  • Paint

Don’t let that stop you!!

You can create a Print Ready PDF from your word document using the following website,

  1. Using the default settings simply select the file you wish to convert
  2. Choose your Delivery Method
  3. And Click Upload

We recommend you take a few moments to read the Artwork Guidelines for the format you will be using.

  • PDF
  • Indesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop


All fonts must be embed, if not when your document is opened on another computer that doesn’t have access to the original fonts, then different fonts will be substituted instead. You can request a proof of the artwork if you are unsure as we cannot always catch changed fonts without knowing the original one used.

Artwork Resolution

Please ensure your artwork is of a good quality as any low resolution files will not reproduce well. A guideline to work to is for images to be 300dpi and saved at no less than 1/4 of final reproduction size. Please do not take images or logos from websites as they will be saved at screen resolution (72dpi). Low resolution logos that have to be re-created will incur an additional charge.

Artwork Legacy

When sending files such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Quark Xpress documents, please ensure these are saved in the correct legacy formats. In respect to Adobe Creative Suite software, please ensure your artwork is saved to version CS4 or earlier. This is to avoid any data corruption during transfer and ensure that any effects applied to the artwork can be accurately reproduced.

Artwork Colour

Please ensure your artwork is saved in CMYK format. The reproduction of RGB images through a CMYK process may result in unexpected colour issues.

Artwork Bleed

Please ensure your artwork has 3mm bleed area for any content that you wish to appear on and near the edge of the artboard. If you are unsure of how to set up your artwork correctly, please use one of our artwork templates available to download in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign formats. Please also make sure any important text or images is at least 5mm away from the edge of the document (once trimmed).

Order Acknowledgement

Online orders will be acknowledged by email immediately. For other orders once we have received your order we will email you an order confirmation. This will show; your job number, the details of your order as we understand it, estimated date for delivery plus the delivery address – you can pay online if you do not have a credit account with us – see price and payment terms. Please check all order acknowledgements carefully, changes at a later date may incur extra costs.


We always recommend a colour accurate proof included free with orders unless stated otherwise. If you wish to be certain of colour and content. If you have specific Pantone references please provide us with these when placing your order. Proof production will take at least one or two full working days plus postage/collection time and your approval time. NB If due to a short deadline a proof is not possible, then you agree to accept any prints we produce unchecked and we accept no responsibility for any content or colour accuracy variations to what you may have expected.

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