Get your business ready for reopening with our safety ideas.

Get your business ready for reopening with our safety ideas.

As lockdown in the UK eases, many businesses are heading back to work. We have a wide range of health and safety items to help you stay safe during this difficult transition.


It is important to make a safe environment for you, your staff and customers. Your safety measures must be clearly displayed to anyone who enters your business.

Strut cards or tent cards are a great low cost way to do this as well as large roller banners or posters.

These can be used to remind customers it is best to use contactless and card payments at the checkout. Or these can show customers where they can sanitise their hands once entering. It is important that the signage is clear and eye-catching. We offer low cost, high quality design with all our products.


It is important to keep your customer sin the loop about changes to your business whether it is opening times or new hygiene measures, Help spread your message by using Leaflets and Flyers on countertops, or by including these with any online orders to reassure customers receiving your goods and services.

If you have hand-washing stationer, make sure they are clearly signposted so guests won't miss them.

Whether you are doing take away orders only or have opened up for people to sit and enjoy your meal. Disposable placemat menus are a perfect way to keep everyone safe.


If you have put in place a lot of new safety measures for your staff it might be worth putting them all in one place. Folders are the perfect solution to keep everything in one place. These can hold a wide range of items easily.

We hope we can help to have everything in place for when your business reopens. If you have any questions or are looking for products not available on our website like clear plastic roller banner, desktop screen, masks please contact us.

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Posted by By Jenny on 19th Aug 2020

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