How to hang your PVC Banner methods and advice

PVC Banners are a great eye-catching way of getting your business attention and selling your business message to a wider audience. Attaching your banner correctly to maximizes its impact and extend its life outdoors it very important. If you do not hang your banner properly it will affect its longevity and survival.

The guide below shows some of the most popular ways to hang a banner outdoors.

It is always important that you secure your banner with all of the eyelets. We calculate the number of eyelets based on the size of your banner. If some eyelets are not secured it could cause the banner to rip.

Before you hang your banner

1. Measure the space you will be hanging your banner and add some space either side for attaching the banner.

2. Work out what you can hang your banner on – railings, a wall, posts, a fence or a banner frame?

3. When you are hanging a banner, make sure you secure the banner with EVERY eyelet to spread the force across the whole banner to avoid damage.

Attaching to Railings or Wire Fencing

This is the most common method of hanging a PVC banner. Cable ties can be used to attach them but they are inflexible so in periods of high wind the eyelets may rip. The best thing to use is bungee cords or strips of elastic rope which will allow the banner some movement in the wind.

What will you need?

Banner bungee cord fixings or 6mm bungee rope/shock cord


Cable Tie for each eyelet – we recommend 370mm black cable ties

Hanging the banner

1. Put the fixing of your choice through each eyelet of the banner and wrap around the fence or railing.

2. Make sure the banner is held tightly and securely across the fence.

Hanging between two poles or posts

When attaching a banner between poles, support must be given across the length of the banner to avoid damage. The banner can end up acting like a sail causing damage to the banner.

We would recommend our PVC Mesh Banner (contact us for details) as these have holes in them which some of the wind to pass through the banner. Reducing the chance of the banner being damaged.

Or we outdoor PVC banner stands which are available in double-sided or single-sided. These stands are great for using as a permanent outdoor sign, or portable pop up display at sporting events where there may not always be a convenient railing!

What will you need?

  • Two Upright poles or posts fixed securely into the ground for each side of the banner
  • a)Two lengths of a strong rope bigger than the distance between the two poles. We recommend at least 8mm Nylon Rope.

    b) 4 bungee cords to attach to each corner of the banner

    c) one cable tie for each eyelet on the banner

    How to do it

    Securing with a Rope only

    1. Tie one end of the top rope to one of the poles at one side

    2. Thread the rope through each eyelet at the top of the banner and attach to the other pole ensuring it is tight.

    4. Repeat for the bottom of the banner

    5. Thread the ropes through the top and bottom eyelets use a bungee cord through each of the corners and pull this tight.

    Best Option - securing with a Cable Ties

    1. The downside of using a rope is it can cover some of the printed banner, to avoid this use cable ties.

    2. Tie a rope between the top and bottom of the poles or posts and make taut.

    3. Attach the banner rope at the top by putting cable ties through each of the eyelet holes. Do not fully tighten the cable ties so they are able to slide over the rope easily.

    4. Attach the bottom eyelets to the rope with cable ties in the same way as the top row.

    5. Use a bungee cord on each corner to pull the banner taut.

    Attaching to a Wall or Wooden Fence

    This is the most secure way as it acts as a barrier from the wind, you can have this banner as large as you like! With a solid structure behind the banner and well-secured attachment points, your banner will look as robust as the wall. As the banner is usually higher up than normal this way the banner is less likely to be damaged and is easier to see from afar.

    What will you need?

  • Wall plugs and screws for the brick wall or Self-taping screws for the wooden fence.
  • Oversized Steel washers that cover the eyelet fully
  • A good drill for drilling holes into wall or fence
  • How to hang your banner

    1. Hold your banner up to the wall or fence, and mark the holes through each of the eyelets to show where you will be drilling.

    2. Using the drill, screw the banner into the wall or fence with a screw and washer through each eyelet. Make sure the washer are larger than the eyelets to make the banner fully secure.

    How to Hang a Banner on a Banner Frame

    We offer a range of portable and permanent banner stands. Our outdoor PVC banner frames are durable and built to last. Available in single or double-sided these stands are great for using as a permanent outdoor sign, or portable pop up display at sporting events where there may not always be a convenient railing!

    Our banner frames are supplied with adjustable elastic bungees which make it easy to attach your banner.

    We also have wall mounted banner frames They are supplied with fittings to allow the frame to be screwed directly to the wall (screws and plugs not included.) perfect for creating long term banner displays on the side of buildings, boundary walls or wooden fences.

    There are many other methods of hanging an outdoor banner. The key to use every eyelet on the banner to give as much support as possible.

    Why not  buy our Mesh banners?

    Mesh PVC banners are one of the most effective ways in which to promote brands, products or offers outdoors in exposed sites. Unlike our normal PVC banners, outdoor mesh banners have thousands of tiny holes to allow air to flow through the banner stopping the banner being damaged in windy areas. This makes these banners perfect for use on scaffolding, bridges or as building wraps. Even though there is holes in these banners over 75% of the surface remains printable to allow for bright and vivid designs to be printed on the mesh banner material. 

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